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Kennedy College of Sciences Keep Learning FAQ's

Teaching and Learning

❖ I want to record my lectures and make them available to my students. How do I do it? 

There are several ways: 

  1. From your regularly-scheduled UMass Lowell classroom, use Echo360 to record your lectures. If your class was already set up for lecture capture, you can go to your regularly scheduled classroom and give the lecture to an empty room. The lecture will be recorded and made available to your students. Suggestion from Jay Weitzen: Put a stuffed animal in the room and give the lecture to it. 
  2. From your own computer, use Zoom to present a lecture and record it. See below for info about setting up Zoom.  
  3. From your own computer, use Collaborate Ultra built into Blackboard to present a lecture and record it. 
  4. From your own computer, install Echo360 Universal Capture (UCAP) software and make a recording. Info is here. 

See additional info at Making a Screencast Recording and Lecture Capture. For support, contact our Academic IT team at

❖ May I reuse lectures I’ve recorded from previous semesters? 

Absolutely. If you need help getting at them, please contact our Academic IT team at

❖ How do I provide live lectures? 

Echo360, Zoom, and Collaborate Ultra are all solutions for this. 

If you’re using Echo360 from the classroom, there is switch on your class Echo recordings page, and the live link appears (distribute this to your students). There is about a 20-30 sec. delay for those viewing. 

❖ I provide a lot of handwritten material during lectures, usually on the whiteboard. How may I adapt this approach to online lectures? 

doc cameraConsider obtaining a document camera for home use. Then you can give lectures by writing on paper with pencil or pen. The doc cam view is transmitted via Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate to your students (and may be recorded). Here is a $100 model from Amazon; please consider purchasing with your PD funds, or be in touch with your chair if you do not have PD funds. 

❖Do I have to provide live lectures? 

No, you don’t.  It might be a nice model to complement recorded material with other ways of interaction and engagement.  For example, you might provide real-time Q&A meetings and discussion board-based chats.  Any way of engaging with your students and supporting their learning will be welcome.  

❖ Do I have to provide recorded lectures? 

No. You can be creative with how you support your students. 

❖ What are some low-bandwidth material I can provide—e.g., for my students only with cell phones on limited data plans? 

You can provide: 

Slides, audio recordings, links to publishers’ material, links to your own external course page (if you have one), and any other material you are comfortable providing to support your students’ learning. 

❖ How can I find out more about how what sort of tech resources my students have (and how is their well-being generally)? 

Many faculty members are sending simple check-in surveys to their students. Please see the FAHSS page suggestions and sample surveys. 

❖ Is there any advice I can give my students? 

Yes, please see this 2-page PDF How to Be an Online Student (thanks, Jen Percival for adapting and sharing).