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FAHSS - Student Advising Resources - Spring 2021

Communications from the Dean of FAHSS re: switch to online instruction during COVID-19 crisis

Ways to Check in with Students (about tech, well-being, etc)

Talking to your students as you transition: One good idea to transitioning online is to have a discussion with your students -- via email, Blackboard, Zoom, however -- about how to proceed. You can check in with students' well-being as wel as technical capacities, and many of them will have great ideas about how to move forward.

One instructor's example (from Utah State):

I opened an online discussion thread with my students today, asking them for their input in shaping their learning experience for what looks like the remainder of the semester (i.e., the transition from f2f to online). I gave them my ideas for what I thought might work, but I then invited them to tell me what works for them. I also encouraged them to let me know what aspects of online learning are unfruitful for them. Already my students have given me excellent insights that I will put into practice. I encourage all educators in this situation to bring your students into the process now if you have some time....I think this kind of collaborative planning effort helps the students feel like they are a part of this process and may remind them that their instructors are also working things out on the fly.