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How to Navigate Browzine

Browzine is Easy

Browzine presents peer-reviewed Journals in a browsable format. Rather than search databases for specific journal issues, Browzine creates an experience similar to browsing a newsstand and reading a print journal.

Browzine is a new journal platform where you can browse and read the online journals that are available from the university library. It can be accessed on the web. With Browzine, you can:

•Find journals by Title, Subject or ISSN
•Share links to articles with others by email, Facebook, or Twitter

Browzine does not provide the actual journal content to the university, they simply present the journals in an easy to use platform.

Try Browzine

Search e-journals

Getting Started

Open the Browzine link above. Type in a search term or Journal title. Filter the results page at the top right by clicking Journal Rank. This will prioritize the most cited journals.

Are All the Library's Journals Available in Browzine?

While Browzine does not include all university library journals, titles from the main publishers are accessible, including, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, Oxford, Sage, Springer,Taylor and Francis and Wiley. Browzine continues to add new content on a regular basis. The Browzine service only goes back to 2005.  The same content, plus older content is also available through Article Quick Search.

If you try to access pre-2005 content in Browzine, it will automatically link to the Online Journals platform instead. Click "View all back issues and sources for this title".