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Help with Art and Architecture Complete

If you are logged in to your UML email you are logged in to the library. If prompted, enter your UML email credentials. If you still have trouble, clear the cache on your device. Email not working? Troubleshoot from here.

To access content in the subscription databases you may get an authentication phone call from Duo. This is routine.

Find Your Database

Start at the library home page, and click the Databases tab at left. Click the initial letter of the database you are looking for in the A-Z listing, or browse the titles on the page. Click the name of the database you are looking for.

What is Art and Architecture Complete?

Art & Architecture Complete is an Escohost database for the study of art and architecture. It provides full-text coverage of 380 periodicals and more than 220 books.

The database also offers indexing and abstracts for more than 780 academic journals, magazines and trade publications, as well as for over 230 books and selective coverage for 70 additional publications.

Art and Architecture Complete also has and Image Collection of over 63,000 images provided by Picture Desk and others.

The database covers a wide variety of subjects, including antiques, art and art history, interior and landscape design, as well as fine art.

A Basic Search in Ebsco Databases

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here


When you click the name of a databases in the library's Databases list and it is from the vendor Ebsco, the page you see is the Advanced Search page. Beginner's should start on the Basic Search page, by clicking the tab.

basic search tab dialog box