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How to Use is a social networking service which enables its users, including graduate students and academics, to create academic profile pages and to connect with other users around the world with the same research interests. is free for anyone to use to look up papers, researchers, research interests, etc. However the premium version which allows you to view where your own name is mentioned, costs about $110. per year. The student rate is lower. The free version has ads.
​Researchers can use as a database and a way to manage a public profile. This guide features detailed information on setting up and maintaining an profile. 

What Can Do for Me?

  • Manage a public profile to share papers, talks, conferences, presentations, etc

  • Connect with other professionals; make posts, send messages and read their upload papers

  • Target specific research interests; look up, download and save papers relating to this topic

  • Share your research with the public, while tracking views and followers

Getting started: Learn the basics of signing up for an account, how to get to your profile page to begin editing and how to navigate the main menu.

Set up a profile: First, understand the basics of how to access the editing tools. Look through the tabbed box to see a variety of ways to set up your profile including adding an affiliation, a photo, about, research interests, contact info, etc. Then, learn how to upload your papers and understand who is viewing them.

Start connecting: Learn the numerous ways you can use to connect, including viewing papers, sending messages, making posts, finding jobs and more.