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ENGL.2320: Turning Fiction into Film

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man and woman with heads close together
Aurore Clément and Francis Ford Coppola, during filming of Apocalypse Now.
Photo by Nathalie2010      CC BY SA

Turning Fiction into Film explores film adaptation by looking at how writing can be turned into the visual and auditory forms. Through reading novels and watching their film adaptations, students learn conventions of fiction and film, and draw on this knowledge to discover the implications of adapting a written story into a movie. By asking students to think about the different ways writers and filmmakers convey meaning to their audiences, this course attempts to answer the question of why the movie is never exactly like the book.

This course guide includes

  • assigned reading
  • tutorials on using the UML library
  • help with citations
  • library suggestions for expanding your reading.

Read Chapter 1, "Toward the Intertextual Dialogism Approach", from ebook at left. You can download the chapter or email it to yourself.