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MKTG.2100: Professional Communications - Casey

men in suits shaking hands, arms only

Welcome to Professor Casey's Course, Professional Communications
Manning College of Business
 UMass Lowell

Today, more than ever in the business world, communication and the skills associated with it can and do make the difference in getting hired, promoted, and properly compensated. Everyone has good ideas, but being able to communicate them, garner support for them, and move them forward is the ability that catapults individuals in organizations. Communicating is a learned skill and as a learned skill can be improved and enhanced. The new channels and mediums of communication allow for less time to think and have an expectation of immediacy. This immediacy makes communication challenging unless the basic skills are established making them second nature.

Course Description

This course will assist you in developing the skills necessary to communicate efficiently and effectively. Our approach will be a practical one targeting clear, concise and complete application of the written and spoken word. We will understand the importance of listening and work to improve this critical skill. We will investigate the value of visual messages and non-verbal cues, audience focused content and virtual and social mediums. Virtual communication is critical in our flattened world this class will ensure we understand the challenges and pitfalls of communication in the new formats. We will address handling and giving productive feedback and self-assessments plus cultural communication differences and group presentations. Excellence in communications goes beyond getting a position, it can improve relationships with co-workers, friends, parents and significant others. Communication is at the heart of most human interaction and with effort can be improved.