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HIST.2790-NV1: History of Lowell - Sampas

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Boot Mill Tower 

Boot Mill Tower: 1976 Lowell Canal System, Merrimack & Concord Rivers, Lowell, Middlesex County, MA., Image: Library of Congress 


HIST.2790-NV1 History of Lowell

Lowell is rich in history, with a dynamic and diverse culture. We will strive to use our exploration of this history to connect more deeply with the city and our academic community. While there will be some variations, Tuesdays will be devoted to Classroom sessions at Olson Hall 402, while Thursdays will be on-foot lecture field trips. We will observe how Lowell grew from a fishing and farming area to a booming metropolis. We’ll attempt to appreciate the struggles and triumphs of the diverse peoples who have dwelled here over the centuries, both those who have achieved notoriety as well as the general populous, sometimes known as “the voiceless masses.” Through our projects we will also advance our research skills with both primary and secondary resources. In addition, we will uncover the narratives that lie in Lowell’s buildings and objects. We’ll be reading, writing, viewing multiple mediums, and processing our discoveries through group discussion. As importantly, another of our course objectives is to connect the history of the Lowell region to other places around the world, including your own native lands. Finally, students will use classroom time, study time, and our excursions into the field as an opportunity to form strong connections with one another.

Ethnic Districts of Lowell, 1912

Ethnic Districts of Lowell, 1912