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Communications from the Dean of FAHSS re: switch to online instruction during COVID-19 crisis


The FAHSS College Dean's Office has aggregated here communications & resources related to COVID-19. (We know a lot of information has been shared in a short period of time!) This will be updated on an ongoing basis.


***NEW*** Updates (3/23/2020)



  • Stay up to date on UML coronavirus updates at

  • Be sure to check the University's Continuity of Learning website -- it is being updated constantly.

  • The UMass Lowell Teaching Excellence Listserv serves as a university-wide resource about teaching -- give and receive advice and support. 

    • TIP for using the LISTERV: Start a new thread with a new content-specific subject line to introduce a new topic. Replies to that topic can stay on the same thread. That way, it will be easier to find things you want to go back and re-read. 

  • We cannot assume all students have computers and access to high-speed wifi, and students with phones may not have unlimited data access. One idea is to check with your students about their technology access. Examples of questions to ask your students are available under Teaching Guides/Tools/Tips. We encourage you to use low-tech and asynchronous methods; take advantage of the tools on Blackboard.



To start, keep it simple and clear! Most of you are not building a complete online course in a matter of days -- start with communication with students, a rethought syllabus, and this week and perhaps next week's materials. This will be an ongoing process and you do NOT have to do it all overnight!


Everyone -- our students and ourselves -- are under a lot of pressure right now. We know that some of our students are caregivers to their families and loved ones. Many may be working more because their jobs require them to, or less, because work is no longer available, creating financial stress. Please take things easy, both on yourselves and your students, and be flexible.


THANK YOU for your patience, care, and support for one another!

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