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ENGL.2070: English Studies in a Digital Environment

Off Campus Access

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young african american woman in clothes of early twentieth century nella larsen
Nella Larsen, age 37, photographed by James Allen in 1928.
Digital image held by Library of Congress Manuscript Division,    PD.

English Studies in a Digital Environment - ENGL 2070

Students build on skills acquired in College Writing to gain English Studies discipline-specific mastery of the writing conventions, research, and citation practices used in departments of English. In addition, students practice the digital skills that will support them as they join the online learning community of the UML Department of English.

Course Objectives

By the end of the semester, students:

  • Understand the origin of undergraduate literary studies as well as the scope of UML’s English Studies degree (Assessed in first discussion forum)
  • Learn basic skills essential to success in upper level literary studies, such as
    • ​Formatting titles of published works
    • Taking reading notes
    • Blending quotations
    • Using in-text citations
    • Using commas in compound sentences
    • Using commas with introductory phrases
    • Making and Uploading PDFs
    • ​Formatting documents in MLA style
    • Using MLA works cited entries​
    • Using MLA works cited pages (One topic covered and quizzed/otherwise assessed via practical application nearly every week)
  • Practice carefully reading and productively discussing multiple genres important to literary studies, including a play, a novel, short stories, and literary critical essays (Assessed through reading notes, discussion posts, and short essays)
  • Strategize how they will make multimedia presentations in upper level literature courses (Assessed via final presentation)