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BMEN.1200 Application Programming for Biomedical Engineers

Course LibGuide

Getting Started with MATLAB

Step 1 - Obtain a MathWorks License

Create a MathWorks Account

MATLAB is MathWorks product. MathWorks has a few computational software products (MATLAB and Simulink are its major products).  UML has a license agreement with MathWorks.  Your MathWorks account credentials will provide you access to not only MATLAB and Simulink software but also support services under the UML license.    

It is important when you create your account that your username is your UML username (   You can (and should) use a different password than your UML password. LINK TO CREATE ACCOUNT

(You may already have a MathWorks account. If the username is NOT your UML username, you will have to create a separate account)


Step 2 - Start using MATLAB Online

Start with MATLAB Online

Start the semester using MATLAB Online. MATLAB Online provides access to MATLAB and Simulink using any standard web browser assuming that your internet access typically operates at least 1Mbps.  You will just need to sign-in (using your MathWorks account credentials).      With MATLAB Online you will have a cloud based MATLAB Drive with 5Gb storage.

Online link follows


Desktop MATLAB ( likely unnecessary Step 3)

Desktop MATLAB

One may install MATLAB on their personal computer and/or laptop.  There are a few limitations to MATLAB Online (e.g. file import limited to 256GB) and after installing software MATLAB does not require internet connectivity.   However for most individuals in this course the limitations will not require installing MATLAB.    We will further discuss pros/cons early in the semester