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BMEN.1200 Application Programming for Biomedical Engineers

Course LibGuide

BME Application Programming

Course Goal

The course aim is for the student to obtain a high-level proficiency in both the MATLAB® computing environment and MATLAB® programming. Because MATLAB® is used extensively in many BMEN courses, the expectation is that the student will, upon completion, be able to apply MATLAB® and other MathWorks® tools to solve challenging biomedical engineering coursework problems and eventually to perform computational work in biomedical engineering research. 

Course Format

Like most Fall 2020 courses, BMEN.1200 instructional format will be a “Virtual Classroom” (as specified by the Office of the Registrar).  This requires each section to meet online at the assigned scheduled days and times.   Blackboard will serve as the ‘hub’ for all instructional content.  Zoom will be the primary (synchronous) class meeting platform. Class will be a combination of instructor presentation, small group exercises and problem solving.  

The Blackboard course will be accessible on Tuesday, 1 September .  




MathWorks tools

math, graphics programming
matlab for data science

BMEN.1200 Course LibGuide

BME Application Programming

This guide serves as the platform for texts, course tools and related information.