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Help with Audio Engineering Society (AES) e-Library

library homepage with red arrow pointing at databases tab

Find Your Database

Start at the library home page, and click the Databases tab at left. Click the initial letter of the database you are looking for in the A-Z listing, or browse the titles on the page. Click the name of the database you are looking for.

UMass Lowell students and faculty have access to the Audio Engineering Society e-Library via the UML Library. Published 10 times each year, the Journal is the official publication of the Audio Engineering Society. It is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to audio technology. 

The journal contains
❖ state-of-the-art technical papers and engineering reports 
❖ feature articles covering timely topics
❖ pre and post reports of AES conventions and other society activities 
❖ news from AES sections around the world 
❖ Standards and Education Committee work 
❖ membership news 
❖ patents, new products, and newsworthy developments in the field of audio.

Included in the database is a library of videos on topics ranging from Music Recording/Mix Studio to Location Sound Recording to Game Audio. Create an account to access these videos.

Using Advanced Search

A "Power Search" will try to find your text in ANY or ALL of these fields:
➔ paper title,
➔ abstract,
➔ document text,
➔ author name,
➔ author affiliation.

Any other options chosen below will act as an AND search and further limit your results.

The AES search engine allows advanced searches by surrounding multiple words in quotes, using boolean operators (AND OR), or using wildcard symbols: * = match one or more characters, ? = match a single character, ~ = fuzzy search.

For example, to search for papers that contain both the word "sound" and the word "quality", but not necessarily together, type sound AND quality in the search box. To search for the phrase "sound quality" type "sound quality" in double quotes in the search box.