Meg's Demo What You Can Do Guide

Not Really Extra

Although labelled extra in the template on page four, this box is a good place to put links for further exploration, or search widgets where appropriate. It is distracting though so try and keep a clean look over here.



What You Can, (and Should) Do

The ideal Libguide—

►Solves a problem
►Presents information in a sequential hierarchy
►Does NOT present too much information simultaneously unless absolutely necessary
►Uses bullett points, (see special characters in tool bar)

This page is a template of the first page of any Libguide. Two columns at top of the page (boxes 2 and 3), with an image on the left, intro text on the right.

Notice that Boxes 2 and 3 do NOT have Banner Headings

All the other boxes do have banner options, which you can select or not by checking the "floating box" option when creating the box.

Box 6, (this one) should have content, including media if any is applicable.

This page may be too cluttered. Thoughts?