Something WYCD this Way Comes


Three WYCD Principles

  1. Tell me (what I can do)
  2. Show me (what I can do)
  3. Let me (do it)


What is WYCD? 

Wicked cool as we used to say when banana bikes were at the height of their popularity. The purpose of UML's Libguides is that they have a purpose, beyond scattering links in all directions and increasing a user's sense of being out of his depth. We want libguides to solve the problem which made a user search for it in the first place, hence:

What You Can Do.

There will be those who say that this is not a library's role, that a library merely stores, discovers and makes available. But this is comparable to standing in a flood and claiming that you don't need a boat because you are not a sailor. Get in the boat. The flood is here and it is called the Internet. Libraries are forever changed.