Logon Infomation



I’ve created a LibGuide with a list of the folders on the Network Drive (WDSHARESPACE) and I’ve attached a Word file that contains the logon information to access the drive.  I have put a password on the file – code word is gettysburg – for now.



I’m in the process of putting together a LibGuide with an inventory of the shared drive.  I also want to include the logon and password information, but I think it should be protected.  Is there a standard password that you are using for sensitive documents?


I can also do an inventory of the contents of the Media share from the website.  It appears that the files on there are all HTML files that point to videos that are currently in uml.ensemblevideo.com


It also looks like there isn’t really any way to access these files unless you are looking for a specific professor or directory.  I’ll keep looking though to see if there is an index or front page.


I’m not sure what other files are part of the Media Center collection.  I can see if I can find out how things are set up. 

Accessing the drive

From a Windows machine, open the file explorer and enter \\wdsharespace\ in the path at the top of the window.  A screen requesting logon credentials should appear.  Enter the user ID and Password from the Logon Information document.  You can also mount this drive and access it that way.

Information on how to access this through a MAC will be entered later.



Folder List


Folders Size
Shared Music 27.1MB
Shared Music 27.1MB
Shared Videos 42.3GB
Shared Pictures 0.0Bytes
RESD Seminars 132.7GB
Home Movie Archives 430.1GB
Faculty Projects 54.0GB
Mouse Concussion (Shea) 6.2GB
AnalyticalChem2 130.1MB
Psych Coll (NEW) 9.5GB
Jim Hall ChemLab 2.7GB
Autosave Vault 0.0Bytes
Bread&Roses 1.6GB
Student?Faculty Projects 205.8GB
Captain Clean Green 2.5GB
Krolak CPE 2.0GB
ALREADY Transferred 282.9GB
Kerouac Discussion Series 3.2GB
Dicken's Site 198.8GB
TsongasCenter (summer 2013) HTD 22.5GB
Mitch Videos 1.8GB
Cambodian Holocaust Interviews 1.9GB
SThomsonFrancoAmerican 10.6GB

Root Directory Files




Root Directory Files Size
.DS_Store 53252
text1.txt 89
Ginsberg(2).mov 1001670911
._RESD 4096
Linlavong.aiff 2934186
._Home 4096
DickensVO-Lara.wav 57830908
._.TemporaryItems 4096
._Student?Faculty 4096
Hargis.dv 5418120000
._Hargis.dv 270404
._Dicken's 4096
._Ginsberg(2).mov 4096
EQUALACCESS(1).mov 219818988
._EQUALACCESS(1).mov 4096
bytes 6700727410