Visitor Parking at UMass Lowell Libraries


For Faculty and Staff

Library Visitors

The university welcomes all visitors and prospective students to the campus. Please ensure arrangements are made for parking prior to your arrival, depending on which campus you are visiting or the occasion. Due to our limited parking inventory and to better serve visitors to the university, reserved visitor parking is not available to current faculty, staff, students or long-term vendors. Prospective visitors may obtain information here.

Faculty and Staff Information

Visitors may obtain a temporary parking pass at this web page. Faculty and Staff who need temporary parking privileges may get them at the same page.

Complete information about using temporary parking passes is available here as well.

Visitors to O'Leary Library, (South Campus)

Visitor parking is available in the Wilder Metered Lot, located at the intersection of Wilder Street and Bachelder Street, for both visitors and members of the UMass Lowell community. The entrance to the lot is located on Bachelder Street.

Hosts of visitors may reserve parking by e-mail request to or by calling 978-934-2800. The host will be provided a code to be used for complimentary parking during the visit for the visitor. The provided code can be entered into the kiosk in the lot. Please provide us the visitor's name or company, arrival time, and departure time.

Unplanned visits or hourly parking for the UMass Lowell community is available at the soon-to-be-established hourly rate, and will be payable by coin, bills, or credit cards.