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Username: Shaun_Sullivan@uml.edu
Password: umllib#1



The American Psychological Association is pleased to provide your free trial of APA Style CENTRAL®. We are excited about this opportunity for your institution to experience the distinct advantage that APA Style CENTRAL provides to a wide range of users! 
Below you will find information to help you get your trial access set up, including confirmation of trial details, URL, access, and proxy configuration. We encourage you to have as many people as possible use APA Style CENTRAL to make the most of your trial period. 

We have authorized access to APA Style CENTRAL for the following 30-day timeframe: 
4/3/2017 to 5/3/2017 

Product Specifications

Authorized Admin User 
The APA Style CENTRAL Admin Center allows you to customize the users experience by adding your institution’s logo and custom contact link to the platform. The link to the Admin Center is in the footer of all APA Style CENTRAL pages and can be accessed directly athttp://ascadmincenter.apa.org . Use the direct link if you need to access analytics after your trial period ends. 

The authorized admin user for APA Style CENTRAL is: Shaun Sullivan, 
• Username: shaun_sullivan@uml.edu 
• Password: umllib#1 

Technical Requirements 
APA Style CENTRAL was developed to work on both PC and Mac. Chrome or Firefox are recommended for PC; Internet Explorer is not recommended. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are recommended for Mac. 
Please note: Edge and Internet Explorer will not work if accessing APA Style CENTRAL through proxy. 

Please refer to the attached Technical Requirements document for further details. 
IP Access 
The previously specified IP addresses are active for the trial period stated above. Please let us know if there are any changes to the IP addresses or ranges. 

To access APA Style CENTRAL within the specified IP range, use the URL:http://APAStyleCENTRAL.apa.org 

EZproxy Configuration 
You must have SSL configured on your proxy server for seamless access to APA Style CENTRAL. 

HJ apastylecentral.apa.org 
HJ apa.org 
HJ my.apa.org 
DJ apastylecentral.apa.org 
DJ apa.org 
DJ my.apa.org 

Contact Us 
Please let us know if you have any questions during your trial period. 

APA Style CENTRAL Customer Support 
(202) 336-5650 or 800-374-2722, TDD/TTY (202) 336-6123 

If you have a specific question about APA Style® guidelines, email StyleExpert@apa.org