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What time is it?    现在几点?

 Click here to visit a webpage with interactive pictures and audio -       Telling Time (如何表示时间)


Please watch and listen to this video

Please also watch and listen to this video

现在几点了? What time is it (now)?   

Image result for 11:17 o'clock digital   

It’s 1:00 (one o'clock). Image result for 1:00   Image result for 1:00   

It’s 2:00 (two o'clock)   Image result for 2:00   

It’s 4:00 (four o'clock)   Image result for 4:00   
It’s 7:03 (It's seven O three) OR (It's three minutes past seven)   Image result for 7:03   
It’s 5:45 (It's five forty-five) OR (It's quarter of six)   Image result for 5:45   Image result for 5:45   

It’s 3:30 (It's three thirty) OR (It's half past three)   Image result for 3:30   


电影九点半开始。 The movie starts at 9:30.   Image result for 9:30   

火车十一点十七分出发。 The train leaves at 11:17.   Image result for 11:17 o'clock   




Noon OR noontime (day)   中午     Image result for Noon

Midnight  (night) 午夜       Image result for Noon


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