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WH questions

Asking questions   问问题   

        ?    Question mark

Please watch this video -

Who?    谁?

What?   什么?

Where?   哪里?

When?   什么时候?

Why?   为什么?

How?  怎么?

Questions with these words cannot be answered with a "yes" or "no." The person asking is looking for more information.

* * * Please read pages 26 and 27 in the yellow "Master the Basicsbook * * *

Who . . . ?     - "who" asks for the name of a person  一个人的名字  or the names of two or more people  两个或多个人的名字

Who is that guy?    那个家伙是谁?

Who are they?      他们是谁?


What . . . ?     - "what" asks for the name of a place or things, or names of places and things

What is that?      那是什么?

What are these things?     这些东西是什么?


When . . . ?     - "when" asks for a time (hour, day, date, year)   时间(小时,日,日,年)

When are you coming?      你什么时候来?

When is the movie starting?      电影什么时候开始?


Where . . . ?     - "where" asks for a place   一个地方

Where do you live?      你住在哪里?

Where are they going?       他们要去哪?


Why . . . ?     - "why" asks for a reason   一个原因

Why did he do that?      他为什么这样做?

Why did she say that?       她为什么这么说?


How . . . ?     - "how" asks for the way 的方式  something is done

How did you do that?      你是怎么做到的?

How is she going to get there?       她怎么去那里?