Animal Feed and Consumption


The Project

A student is working on a project to create a market projection for the demand, quantity and dollar value, of the feed market for salmon, shrimp, and poultry. 
 A bullet point is:
 per capita consumption of salmon, shrimp, poultry.

Some of this information is more readily available than other, but in different units with slight variation in numbers between sources.

This student is interested in what UML offers for statistics databases. He is working on projects that would greatly benefit from having such a source. 

Per Capita Consumption

Charleston Gazette (West Virginia)
November 11, 2014, Tuesday
Salmon passes tuna in popularity; shrimp still No. 1

BYLINE: Hal Bernton, The Seattle Times
U.S. consumers favored salmon in 2013, with per capita consumption surging by 34 percent for this mainstay of Northwest seafood processors.
That was enough for salmon - both wild and farm-raised offerings - to push past tuna and claim the No. 2 spot on the list of the nation's most-consumed seafood.
In 2013, salmon consumption was topped only by shrimp, according to an analysis by the National Fisheries Institute based on information from NOAA Fisheries.
It is unclear all the factors that drove Americans toward salmon in 2013, and whether this trend will continue.
In 2013, salmon, with a per capita consumption of 2.7 pounds, was still well behind first-place shrimp with a per capita consumption of 3.6 pounds.
But salmon's big gains with U.S. consumers came in a year when overall per capita consumption of seafood was almost flat, with the total per capita consumption of 14.5 pounds up from 14.4 pounds in 2012.