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Slumdog Millionaire: Home

Resources helpful to anyone writing a paper on a topic related to or gleaned from the movie Slumdog Millionaire

Picking Your Topic


Use these search tools to find background information and get a better feel for your topic.

Web Sites

Useful Library Databases

These are nothing more than search engines for articles (instead of webpages).  You can do more with them than you can with Google.  

Search for Books


Search the UML Library for Books and More!

Advanced Search: Catalog   

Off Campus Access

What do you need to access resources from off campus?

  1. Your email address.
  2. The password for that email address or the last 4 numbers of your UML ID

Contact Sara with questions or problems.

Printing in the libraries

  • You need your UML ID Card to print
  • You have a credit of 150 pages ($15.00) on your card.  Each semester it is reset.
  • When you print just enter the numbers of you ID number.
  • You must give your job a name.  Any name will do.
  • When you use up your credit you can add cash to your account and it will charge you 10 cents a page.