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Six Word Stories: Home

Six Word Short Stories

  The Story Author
1 For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn. Ernest Hemingway
2 Wanted: Criminal: Loving Father, and Husband Anonymous
3 Trekking water. Don't think. Ultra instrinct Iman Nandi
4 Once always hungry, they ate well. George Hart
5 I'm sorry. We estimate three months. Benjamin Parsons
6 Ice in her lungs, quieted forevermore. Anonymous
7 Dean Canning's radio is always on. Thomas Hersey
8 Very nice. I chuckled. So true. Jim Canning
9 Help Wanted: Duties include staying sane. Anonymous
10 Help wanted: very lost college student; Anonymous
11 Lights out. Sky's on fire, though Ari Trahan
12 Fatigued, college senior! Proceed with caution! Yonnie Collins
13 I dare you to underestimate me. Tori Hannah
14 College kills me on the inside A Typical College Student
15 Team name scratched off the trophy Jennifer Schultz
16 Take a number. We never close. Barbara and David Nelson
17 2nd admendment abused. elementary school shooting. Anonymous
18 Maximum word limit rarely presents problems Joseph Cominelli
19 Sorry I ate your plums - William. Abby Giarrosso
20 I can. I will. I shall. Kennedy Udechukwu
21 Sand, snow, stars:Silence. Still searching. Partha Chowdhury
22 Elect a demagogue. Recover. Rebuild. Repeat. Michael Doane
23 Foreboding clouds: an overcast, over minds Cassidy Anunciacao
24 Feel free; let go, live again Lauren Basma
25 Impeachment motion was raised, he waits Joshua Mwongera
26 Acquaintance of many, friend to none. Andre Ragel
27 John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 - 1994 Joseph Benedict
28 Framed by a dirt frame: clouds Louise Wu
29 If anyone finds this, call her Louie Dufresne
30 Goodbye Houston, thank you for trying Anonymous
31 Passengers, this isn't your captain speaking Anonymous
32 Brought roses  home, keys didn't fit Anonymous
33 Introduced myself to grandmother again today Anonymous
34 Siri, delete mom fom my contacts. Anonymous
35 Brother went over, flag came back. Anonymous
36 Jumped. Then I changed my mind. Anonymous
37 I just say my reflection blink. Anonymous
38 "Drive home safe, son." He didn't. Anonymous
39 Time kills but existence give hope. Nicholas LeRoy
40 Expected Greek antiquities. Saw refugee tents. Amariah Condon
41 Their deaths meant nothing to me. James Keats