Front Desk Security Training







The Silent Alarm is directly under the desk, as pictured at right. 


Silent Alarms: What You Can do

► Silent Alarms are located under each station on the right hand side.

► Please do not test.

► They are to be used if anyone working at the desk becomes aware of a situation which makes her uncomfortable or afraid.





When to Use the Silent Alarm

The silent alarms (colloquially referred to as ‘panic alarms’) are quite simple in purpose and design.  If there is an event that occurs that makes anyone working at the desk feel uncomfortable or unsafe, whether directly or indirectly, they can activate the alarm which is the silent equivalent of calling x44911, our on-campus emergency service.  This activation is sent to our University Police dispatchers usually within 10 seconds and an officer is dispatched.  It is our standard to have these alarms placed on all public facing receptions desks in new construction, and upon request in other environments at the department’s expense.
To activate the alarm (please do not do so unless in an emergency, as testing should only be performed with Police or UCAPS personnel present) simply insert your finger into the hole at the bottom and pull forward firmly.
I’m sure Officer Connors would be more than willing to help you test the buttons, or Luke Boyens from my office can do the same depending on everyone’s availability.

Remember, do not test unless in the presence of campus security personnel.