Student Showcase

Examples of Student Digital Scholarship

Dr. Rooney-Varga, Biological Sciences.  
Principles of Ecology.  SEE: and Student Produced Climate Change Projects

Dr. Diana Archibald, English.
Dickens and Massachusetts.  
Legacy website for Dickens ln Lowell.  This digital humanities project was created by current and former UMass Lowell Media interns. SEE:

UMass Lowell Department of Community Health & Sustainability




Operation Troop Support (Spring 2013, Honors)

A video by Caitlin Pinkham and Megan Lulsdorf. 





My Educational Epiphany by Kristin Dubis (2010)

Digital Storytelling: Professor Judy Davison

What is the Student Showcase?

The Digital Services Center is used for student digital scholarship.  In courses as diverse as biology and literature, students have made videos to communicate their ideas to a larger audience than just their professor or classmates.

Below are links to some of these projects.





The Art of an Honors Project

BFA Candidate and Honors Student: Alexandra Derderian ('14)
Video by Alex Martinez-Forte




Public Service Video

Opiod Overdose by Stephanie Bates, Sean Gelinas and Srah Marquis.  
Introduction to Health Promotion.  Professor Mansoureh Tajik, (2009)




Non-Toxic Flame Retardants: A sustainable way to think about safety
University professor Dr. Ramaswamy Nagarajian (Engingeering) was asked to submit a video on the research of his graduate Ph.D. students on the development of a non-toxic flame retardant to the Planet Forward website. This is a video by Tyler Deary, a student intern in the Media Center who had taken Documentary Filmaking.