Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access UMass Lowell resources from off Campus?
What do I do if I can't login from off campus
Does the library have wireless and how do I connect to it?


How do I find books on my topic?
Where are the books located in the library?
What if a book I want is on loan to someone already?
Where can I find online eBooks?
What if the book I want isn't available at UMass Lowell?


Who can borrow books at UMass Lowell?
How many and how long can I use library books?
How can I renew my library books?
How can I borrow items from other libraries?
How will I know when a book I requested has come in?
What happens if I lose a book?

Course Reserves

What are course reserves?
How do I get material my teacher has put on reserve?
How long can I keep reserve material?
How can I put materials on reserve?

Directions & Parking

How do I get to the UMass Lowell Libraries?
Where can I park when I come to the library?

Getting Help Researching Information

How do start researching information?
Can I get help in the library when I can't find information?
Can I get help when doing research at home?
How can I learn more about using online resources?

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers

How do I find journal articles on a particular topic?
How can I tell if the library owns a specific journal? 
Where can I find online access to newspapers?
What if I have a problem accessing an online resource?
Where are the journals that aren't online located?
What if the library doesn't own the journal I need?


Where are materials like videos, DVD, and music CDs located?
Where can I get help in producing a digital movie? (or graphics, presentations, etc.?)
Can I borrow any media equipment?
How can I find out what media room my class is in?
Where can I view a video or DVD?
Where can I listen to a music CD?


Where are the restrooms located in the library?
Where do I report something lost?

Wordprocessing, Printing & Copying

Where can I type a paper?
Are there copy machines in the libraries?
Can I make a paper copy of an article that's on microfilm or fiche?
Can I print from the computers in the library?
Is there a scanner that I can use in the library?