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UMMS has one additional "SD License Asks" response  concern we'd like you to address with Elsevier.

3. All campuses will have access to the Freedom Collection & Cell Press Collection

The manner in which Elsevier has responded to this is unclear. In the spreadsheet, Tab 1 the system-wide e-journal title list includes the Freedom Collection, but not the Cell Press titles. The Cell Press titles are on the spreadsheet's second tab. What we want to know is shouldn't the Cell Press titles and clinics be included in the system-wide title list (these would be the 14 UMMS Cell Press titles), thus all Five campuses would be sharing the cost. We would like to see a new master list with all the titles that are being purchased (no bill directs).

Thank you,

Regina Raboin

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ScienceDirect publishes peer-reviewed research articles in the fields of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

Elsevier is the largest UMass library vendor, and ScienceDirect is the largest subscription.

Elevier System Rep: Doug Morton
UMass President's Office Rep:  John Healey