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* * * PLEASE READ PAGES 21 AND 22 IN THE yellow "Master the BasicsBOOK * * * 


.   ?   !   ,

Punctuation symbols (or punctuation marks) are written marks that help make meaning clear.   

The period (.) is used:  

at the end of most sentences   
It is raining.

in many abbreviations     
etc.      (et cetera)
lb.       (pound)
Mr.      (Mister)

in numbers, and it is called a decimal point    

in an internet or email address, it is called a dot



The question mark (?) is used:

at the end of a question:           
Where is Bob?


The exclamation point (!) is used:   
at the end of an exclamation  
Here he is!           

at the end of some commands   
Come here now!


The comma (,) is used:  

to separate elements of a sentence to avoid confusion   
If you leave, Sam can rest.

between items in a series    
I like ice cream, cake, pie, and all other desserts.

with dates    
October 2, 2017

with numbers    
4,978     5,325,000


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