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Parts of Speech Part 3

Parts of Speech 部分讲   

* * *  PLEASE READ PAGES 17 AND 18 IN THE yellow "Master the BasicsBOOK * * *     

Nouns - field, fountain, street, town, school, teacher, book, ring

Pronouns - I, you, he, she, it, we, they

Adjectives - magic, bridal,great, small, pretty, white, brown

Verbs - read, write, jump, run, sing

Adverbs - quickly, slowly, badly, well

Propositions - in, at, through, for, of, with, by, to, out

Conjunctions - or, and

Interjections (Exclamations) - Hark!. Aha!, Hmm, Oops!, Yeah, Whoa!


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