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Honors Read Aloud

The Honors College encourages students, faculty, and staff to gather together informally and read out loud in the presence of others. A dictionary is nearby and words which are not understood, must be looked up immediately when they are found. We look words up using a traditional, paper dictionary. Individual reading proceeds round and round in a circle. One participant reads a paragraph or stanza out loud and everybody else is reading quietly along with their own copy in front of them. The next participantt then reads out loud. This continues until the entire text is read. Finger food and beverages are present. 

Honors College Read Aloud #3

Date: Thursday, January 5, 2017

Time: 11:00 am - 12 noon, Pizza to follow

Location: O'Leary 300, Honors Thesis Room

Reserve your seat by emailing

All students, friends, faculty, and staff are welcome.

The material to be read out loud will be posted shortly.

  Title Date Author Length


Honors College Read Aloud #2

Date: Thursday, July 7th, from 10:30  am- 12:30 pm.

Location: O'Leary 300, Honors Thesis Room

Reserve your seat by emailing and saying you wish to attend Read Aloud #2.

All students welcome. 

At present, this is the reading out loud line-up. I may adjust this somewhat over the next week or so.

  Title Date Author Length
1 Foreward to the First Edition of
Study is Hard Work
1995 Harold C. Martin 3 pages
2 Introduction to The Elements of Style 1959 E.B. White 5.5 pages
3 Final Emancipation Proclamation 1863 Abraham Lincoln 2.5 pages
4 Announcer's Test 1940s Unknown 10 short bullets
5 The Declaration of Independence 1776 Thomas Jefferson 5.5 pages
6 The Raven 1845 Edgar Allen Poe 18 stanzas
7 The Federalist No. 6 1787 Alexander Hamilton 8.5 pages
8 First 10 pages of Lysistrata BCE Aristophanes 10 pages

Honors College Read Aloud #1

On Friday, March 25th, from 3:30 - 5:00 pm the Honors College conducted its first ever "Read Aloud".  In attendance that day were: Shanna Thompson, Michael Montijo, Amalia Collins, Surenna Pecchia, Caroline Read, and a friend. ( I may be missing somebody.) Snacks and beverages were served. Those who attended appeared to really enjoy themselves and found it a good experience. We read the following 7 pieces of text out loud. - not as a chorus. One individual reads a portion and others read along.

  Title Date Author Length  
1 The Hippocratic Oath 400 BCE Hippocrates 1 page  
2 Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death 1775 Patrick Henry 3 pages  
3 Federalist #1 1787 Alexander Hamilton 3.5 pages  
4 Annabel Lee 1849 Edgar Allen Poe 6 stanzas  
5 The Gettysburg Address 1863 Abraham Lincoln 0.5 pages  
6 Casey at the Bat 1888 Ernest Lawrence Thayer 13 stanzas  
7 I Have a Dream 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. 5.5 pages