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Primary textbook: Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials,
Suong V. Hoa. DEStech Publications. ISBN: 978-1932078268
eBook available free through the UML Library. Click the title for access.
Note: If you wish to order a hardcopy of the text, you can receive a discount by ordering direct through DesTech Publications. 

Secondary textbook: Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications by Brent A. Strong, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), 2008. 

Composites Manufacturing by Sanjay K. Mazumdar, CRC Press, 2001. 

Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Composites by F.C. Campbell, Elsevier, 2004. 

Processing of Composites edited by Raju S. Dave and Alfred C. Loos, Hanser Publishers, 2000. 

Fundamentals of Metal-Matrix Composites edited by Subra Suresh, 1993. 

Ceramic Matrix Composites - Microstructure, Properties, and Applications edited by I.M. Low, Woodhead Publishing, 2006. 

Process Modeling in Composites Manufacturing edited by Suresh G. Advani, CRC Press, 2002. 

Innovations in Materials Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Environmental Safety edited by Mel Schwartz (specifically chapters 17-22), CRC Press, 2010. 

Composite Materials and Processing by M. Balasubramanian

ASTM STPs (Selected Technical Papers)

Searchable database containing many eBooks on composites. Keyword searching available.

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