Processing of Composites MECH 5970

General Information

Class: Tuesdays 6:30-9:20pm

Office hours: Contact me via email or phone with 24 hours notice to schedule an in- person appointment (subject to my availability).

Academic integrity:
All homework, exams, and projects are to represent their own original work. Students are prohibited from infractions of academic integrity, which includes cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, or facilitating dishonesty. Infractions will not be tolerated and will be reported the department chair to initiate a formal process. For more information, the university policy on academic integrity is available here.


Grades: Homework 25% Midterm exam 25% Final report 25% Final presentation 25% 

Note: the final report and presentation will replace a final exam.

Midterm exam: The midterm exam will cover material discussed in class on and prior to October 25 2016. The mid-term exam is scheduled for November 1 2016. Make-up exams will not be given, and all exam conflicts must be discussed with me at least 2 weeks prior to the exam.

Final reportThe final report will provide an in-depth explanation of a specialized composites manufacturing technique. Topics and a grading rubric will be provided during the semester. 

Final presentationThe final presentation will present a literature analysis of a particular topic in modern composite materials processing and/or in-class manufacturing projects.


Homework: Homework will be assigned in class and be due Friday by 5pm the following week (10 days after being assigned). Solutions will be handed out in class two weeks after homework is assigned. Late homework will be docked by 33% for each day late, unless prior arrangements are made.

Tours and Speakers

Tours, speakers: In order to provide as much practical experience regarding industrial processes used in composites manufacturing, the instructor is organizing multiple tours and speakers. These will be announced in class at least a week in advance. Tours may be of sensitive defense-related installations and require pre-registration so that the manufacturers can proceed with the proper protocols for foreign national students.

Online Components

Echo360, Blackboard: The course will have all classroom lectures recorded using the Echo360 system. Course materials will be posted on a Blackboard Learn website in order to minimize the paper used in class.