Presenting Yourself Professionally Online



Changes to the University Website, March 2017

Beginning this month, full-time faculty web bios will be generated using both the content management system, Tridion, and Digital Measures. The Library, Web Services and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation have collaborated to implement this shift. 

The benefits of this change are having a more robust faculty profile that can be easily found online via Google search, search or navigating the website. It gives faculty control of their information to quickly make updates. Additionally, it allows the campus to maximize the investment in Digital Measures by having a single source of information on faculty activities and information. 

What You Can Do

Faculty photos and department affiliation will be in Tridion. Additional faculty bio information will be pulled from Digital Measures profile.

Administrators, staff and adjunct faculty profiles will remain unchanged. Visit the University Relations website for more information.