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‚ÄčLibguides exist to help solve problems and answer questions. This guide links to a collection of UMass Lowell Libguides created by Meg Shields. They were created within the Library's custom Libguide group, Resource Blueprint, designed by Levesque Creative.

Libguides are versatile webpages which have the capacity to embed and link a great variety of media. Beyond text, they can include images, video, slide presentations, and password protected e-reserve pages. They can link to full length films via Ensemble, UMass Lowell's video hosting software. You can embed screencasts and Youtube videos which play from the guide with a click. Faculty lectures, open text options, and links to the library catalog are all curated and permanently stored in Libguides in an easily searchable database. There is no need for faculty to re-link frequently relied upon resources each time they teach a class. 



Structure of This Guide

The pages listed at left are copies of existing guide pages.  Below are links to the complete guides.