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What Are Oxford Learner's Dictionaries?

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries is home to four dictionary and grammar reference titles. Some of these are available for free, and some are on our Premium site. The Premium content and features are available either with a print book or as a digital-only purchase.

Here is a list of what you can find on the site:

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 9th edition (OALD): a monolingual dictionary for advanced-level learners of British or American English
Oxford Advanced American Dictionary (OAAD): a monolingual dictionary for advanced-level learners of American English
Practical English Usage (PEU): a comprehensive guide to English grammar and vocabulary usage
Das Oxford Schulwörterbuch: a bilingual German-English/English-German dictionary for German-speaking learners of English

What You Can Do

You can access any entry in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary completely for free. The full A-Z content of both dictionaries is available on the free site, in addition to:

There are a number of extra features available as part of OALD Premium, including the iWriter and iSpeaker. OALD Premium can be accessed with a purchase of some editions of the print dictionary, or as a digital-only purchase. You can find out more OALD Premium features here and buy an access code here.

Practical English Usage is not available on the free site but you can find a list of free sample entries on the PEU home page. Full access to Practical English Usage and the accompanying Diagnostic Tests is available with the purchase of book plus access code, or as a digital only purchase.