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Open Textbooks: Faculty

Want to get started on Track 2?

A faculty member can adopt an eBook that is already part of the library's collection, or that the library purchases specially, as the main or supplemental course text. Simply send us the course that you teach and we will personally generate a list of eBook options (including those that we will purchase specifically for your class)!

You can also search by subject area on the UML Library catalog

Several UML professors have already adopted eBooks. Check out their success below.

Success with Library funded eBooks at UML

1. Professor Keith Mitchell, in the English Department, has adopted Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance for his course on the Harlem Renaissance.


2. Professor J. Michael O'Connor, Professor Bryan Buchholz, and Program Director Sanjeev Manohar have adopted the book Introduction to Biomedical Engineering by John Enderle & Joseph Bronzino for the course IB500, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, purchased as a multi-use ebook by UML. Each student who takes the course, offered over a range of several semesters, saves $95.54, the discounted cost on Amazon.


3. Professor Chris Hansen adopted a book the library subscribes to via its Knovel Engineering database, Principles of the Manufacturing of Composite Materials by Suong V. Hoa, for course 22.597, Processing of Composites. Each student who takes the course, offered over a range of several semesters, saves $190 each.

To supplement this eBook, a library LibGuide was created which includes more resources for students.


If you need assistance with adopting Open Texts including the selection of materials or design of a unique website please contact the University Library.