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Open Textbooks: Faculty

Begin by Choosing Your Track

The UMass Lowell Library is here to help you transition to open textbooks! We offer three open text options as shown in the boxes above. Simply click on any of the boxes to learn more.

Did you know that the College Board estimates the annual cost of textbooks to be $1,250?  Textbook prices are increasing faster than inflation, new home sales, and even tuition and fees (The Huffington Post). These rising costs are impacting the success of our UMass Lowell students. Only 36% of the students at UMass Lowell purchased textbooks from the Bookstore in Fall 2016. In a national study done by the US Public Interest Research Group Survey, 65% of students decided against buying a book due to its cost and out of those students, 94% of them worried about the impact on their grades.

Contribute to the success of our students. Just click on a box above to get started!


If you need assistance with adopting Open Texts including the selection of materials or design of a unique website please contact the University Library.