Open Textbooks: Faculty

Want to get started on Track 1?

Individuals or groups of collaborating authors can write and publish textbooks under a Creative Commons license, essentially placing the book in the public domain. The library has a list of suggested texts you can view here. Looking for something more specific? Send us your course and we can generate a list of applicable textbooks for you!

Still unable to find what your looking for? The library is here to help! We can assist UML professors who wish to write their own textbooks (an example of the success of a textbook written by a UML professor is shown below). We can help you get your textbook peer-reviewed, while promoting the use of content created on our campus! Simply contact the library!

When adopted, a pdf or web-based version of the textbook is usually available free to students.


Success with Creative Commons at UML

Applied Discrete Structures by Al Doerr and Ken Levasseur is a free open content textbook.  You can essentially share it with anyone as long as you leave the Creative Commons license in place.

This Open Textbook is used at UML for Course 92.321/322. 

Other schools are also using this open textbook.

Students anywhere can download the book for free or order a print copy at this site.



If you need assistance with adopting Open Texts including the selection of materials or design of a unique website please contact the University Library.