Faculty Open Text Survey

More Information About Open Texts

These Guides contain information about what open texts are, and how they have worked at other schools.


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What is the status of Open Texts at UMass Lowell?

Below is a link to a brief multiple-choice survey to try to get a sense of who is already using open texts in their classes and who is interested in learning more.

You don't have to add your name at the end, but if you do, it will help us know which disciplines to work to support. It will take you less than three minutes to complete this survey. This will help us better support your efforts.
Take the Survey

What the Survey Measures

This Survey asks one question about the following topics:

►Do you consider costs of textbooks?
►Have you used open source, (no cost or low cost) textbook options?
►Would you be willing to consider introducing open source material to your classes?
►Interested in learnign more?
►Willing to participate in a workshop about open texts?