Process for Faculty Requests for Open Texts

Email, 2/25

Good Morning;
Most Institutions have  Amazon Corporate Accounts so Faculty can make wish lists of books needed for their courses/reserves and library.
I consider that the best way to go so you can even purchase out of print books easily when needed.  I like those that cost .01 which does happen once in a while...
My experience is in checking into such lists and providing the best alternatives.
My better skill is in providing bargain ebook alternatives but the price is not always cheap no matter what.
Actually I sometimes recommend that we purchase both print and ebook for large classes. This can be costly.  You should see what Boston College is buying in EBooks.
In order to do this I would need access to Gobi which the library has but might not be using now.
It is an easy ordering system and I would have to set it up properly to make sure that it will help us out.
Boston College ebooks;
Boston College Libraries Holdings in Electronic Resources (including Law Library)
Fiscal Year Total Electronic Serial Subscriptions Total E-books
2008 25,276 300,053
2011 34,919 307,763
2014 39,842 528,311
Gobi actually allows me to check peer Institutions and tells me the books that they have purchased by year.
other options:
I may need other library tools for the above option.
Usually the bottom line is more money for ebooks..... or ebook systems.

More Ideas from Dennis

Wish lists or faculty recommendations could go to a generic ordering email where I could check it every weekend:
If faculty wanted to provide a large list they could send an Amazon wish list to that email.
If we have a Request a Purchase button it could also go there for single titles.
Normally Faculty have to decide titles for their courses so it is really up to them where the burden really lies.  Hunting books by topic can be like finding a needle in a haystack.
have a nice week and good luck.
I love credit cards it works great ordering ebooks and print books.
If you only have $1,000.00's then the normal library ordering system should be able to cope with the new fund.