Open Textbooks



Can Open Textbooks be Peer-Reviewed?

The concept of Open Textbooks is a recent one in academia, and best practices and protocols are just coming in to being. The question of whether scholars can present open source work as freely available textbooks to a panel of peers for review is now under discussion. 

The Peer Review Process for Open Texts

The Open Text movement is in it's early stages but some tracks to peer review have been opened up.
♦ One option is to contact the clearinghouses to inquire about their review process.  You can write to them directly, or we would be happy to make inquiries.
 For example, faculty members could contact Open Stax, and inquire about submitting a text to them for review.  They only accept 10%, so it’s quite rigorous.  Queries to:
 Basically, this is one way to secure a peer ‘review’ –i.e. to submit your MS to different clearinghouses, like Open Stax.
 ♦A second clearinghouse to try would be the Open Textbook Network (with their own Open Textbook Library). Start by contacting David Ernst, Graduate faculty and Chief Information Officer in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. David is the Director of the Center for Open Education and the Executive Director of the Open Textbook Network, which works to improve higher education through the advancement of open textbooks. He can offer information about submitting a textbook to their Open Textbook Library.
 ♦Another great clearinghouse is the Orange Grove.