How to Get New York Times Articles at UML

Search the New York Times From Here

What You Can Do

The library has  next-day, full text access to the Times via Gale. This is a research subscription rather than a browsing subscription, meaning you access the NYT via a topic search in a search box.

Follow these links:

Use the search box for the contents of the Times, through the previous day. The search box will look like the image at left.

Or you can search the New York Times content from their own website here.  You can read ten free articles per month.  You can also search Google News by article title to read additional articles.

To search the New York times Historical archive click here.


Need the Current Issue?

Sometimes students need to browse the current issues of The Times.  For this, Click on Publication Search on the first page, in the link above. Then search “New York Times”. for The New York Times.  This takes you to links for the previous five days, starting yesterday.  There’s noise above the fold (obituaries, corrections, etc.) so you need to look at the right column, scroll down, and select NEWS.  That filters for the news articles on that day.