NURS.1010: Nursing Strategies for Academic Success - Gautam

Grading/Evaluation Method

Assignment Weight
Weekly Homework (Math Practice: Six Math quizzes) and Practice Exam (online) 15%
Assignment 1 - APA Quiz 20%
Assignment 2 - Professional Group Activity  20%
Assignment 3 - APA Paper 20%
Attendance and Class Participation Assignments  15%
Skills Folder 10%

Late assignments wil receive one letter grade less than the earned grade. Assignments submitted more than three days late after the due date will not be considered for grading.

Assignments 1-3

Assignment 1: APA Quiz - 20%

This will be an online exam that is approximately 15-20 questions covering rules and guidelines of APA format.

Due: 3/6 - 3/12

Assignment 2: Professional Group Activity - 20%

1.) In groups of four (two from this section and two from another section), students will identify/explore a job/profession that they may enter following completion of their undergraduate degree. Students will be provided related resources, such as University of Massachusetts Lowell Career Services and Cooperative Education Center; Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook; and US News and World Reports 100 Best Jobs ratings. Check Blackboard for these resources. 

Students will specifically research their chosen profession to understand the following information: i.) Identify and describe the job/profession ii.) Identify the requirements for entry into the profession iii.) Describe the typical work environment iv.) State the average pay range for this job and v.) Find and Discuss 2 job postings for this position vi.) What attracted you to the chosen profession vii.) What type of work environment do you foresee yourself working in viii.) What do you anticipate will be the greatest challenge in your academic career and further, your professional career?

2.) Sharing/Presentation: Student groups will make a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation in class on a job/profession that may be obtained with a degree in their major. 

3.) Check Blackboard for group formation process and PPT guidelines including the grading rubric. 

Due: PPT in Blackboard 3/23 at 11:59 pm and Presentations in class 3/23; 3/30; & 4/13

Assignment 3: APA Paper - 20%

Putting Style in Your Paper: in APA format 

The goal of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to explore an area of nursing that interests you, whether it be a practice specialty or a topical area of nursing that you find interesting and want to know more about. A list of sample topics can be found below:

Examples of Topics - Choices of topics include: Nursing shortage, Male student nurses, Cultural sensitivity (or competency) of student nurses, Minority student nurses (can be specific, for example: Hispanic), Nursing image, Nursing students with disabilities, Test-taking anxiety of student nurses, Peering tutoring in nursing school, Balancing nursing school with work, and family obligations. Other possible topics include nursing field opportunities: International nursing, Flight nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Forensic Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Occupational Health Nursing, Nurse Lobbyist, Legal Nurse Consultant, OB nursing, and OR nursing. There are more topics you can choose from (this link will be posted in Blackboard as well.)

Once you finalize the topic (the topic could be the same one from the IPE project), you will write an expository essay paper on your choice of assigned topics using APA format. Please refer to the following link for instructions on writing an expository essay: . You will also find the following link helpful for developing a thesis statement for the essay:   

Due: 4/23 at 11:59 pm in Blackboard

Paper Format for Assignment 3:

1.) Length: Maximum two-pages (excluding the title page, the abstract, and the reference page/s).

2.) Use a minimum of three professional (peer-reviewed) journal articles (not abstracts) published in the last five years to provide background information on your topic. In addition, use one reputable website.

3.) Include a title page following APA format.

4.) Although abstract page is not a part of an expository essay, for the purpose of this assignment include an abstract page and keywords.

5.) Reference all sources using APA format on a separate page.

6.) This paper needs to be submitted on to check for plagiarism ( class ID and password will be posted in Blackboard).

7.) Submit the paper in pdf format (only in pdf format, no other format) in Blackboard. I will be grading the paper in Blackboard. If the paper isn't submitted correctly in Blackboard, you will loose points.

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Other Assigments

Weekly Homework - 15%

Math Practice tests. Students will be required to complete six homework problems in Blackboard on the assigned dates. This will help you prepare for the math exam that will be administrated during the last week of the semester or finals week. See the due dates on the syllabus. There will also be an online math practice exam.

Skills Folder - 10%

Students will be given a number of weekly class and homework assignments. These assignments will be sent through students' campus email. Check you emails regularly. Students should save/compile these assignments in a Skills Folder. Details will be posted in Blackboard 

Due: 4/27 in class

Attendance and Class Participation Assignments - 15%

Attendance is mandatory. Students must notify faculty regarding absence prior to the start of the class in order for an absence to be an excused absence. Students should immediately notify the instructor about conflict between their religious observance and course due dates/ examinations.