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Verbs (the action words in a sentence)       动词

Examples of verbs - is, are, sing, went, buying, gone    

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The verb "be" (sometimes we say "to be")  是 - en/zh-CN/be


Of all English verbs, "be" has the most forms:
am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been.

In addition, the helping verb "will" is used to form a future tense 未来时态 with "be" (for example “I will be with you soon.”) 

"I will be with you soon.” 我很快就会和你在一起

future tense 未来时态


Singular (one person)   单身(一人)
I am . . .
You are . . .
He, she, it is . . .


Plural (two or more people)   复数
We are . . .
You are . . .
They are . . .

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            I am (or I'm)

   - en/zh-CN/I am

            I am happy to meet you.   我很高兴见到你。


            You are (or you're)

   - en/zh-CN/You are

            You are a nice person.   你是一个好人。


            He is (or he's)

   - en/zh-CN/he is

            He is a teacher.   他是个老师。


            She is (or she's)

   - en/zh-CN/She is

            She is a good friend.   她是一个好朋友


            It is (or it's)

   - en/zh-CN/it is

            It is a nice day today.   这是一个美好的一天


            We are (or we're)

   - en/zh-CN/We are

            We are learning English.   我们正在学英语


            You are (more the one person, “you people”, “you guys”) (or you're)

   - en/zh-CN/You people are

            You guys are good people.   你们都是好人。


            They are (or they're)

   - en/zh-CN/they are

            They are eating dinner.   他们正在吃晚饭