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Sentences Part 2

Parts of a sentence    部分句子

At the heart of every English sentence is the Subject-Verb relationship.   每个英文句子的核心是主体 - 动词关系。

Other elements can be added to a sentence, but they are not required.   其他元素可以添加到句子中,但它们不是必需的。

There are five basic patterns around which most English sentences are built.   


1.) S-V


John sleeps.
Jill is eating.
Jack will speak.

2.) S-V-O


I like noodles.
She loves her job.
He is eating an orange. 

3.) S-V-Adj


He is funny.
The workers are busy.
Karen seems happy.

4.) S-V-Adv


Jim is here.
Flowers are everywhere.

5.) S-V-N


She is my friend.
The women are doctors.
Mr. Jones is the teacher.


Watch and listen to these two videos again on Youtube - 再次在Youtube上观看这两个视频

* * * READ PAGES 23 AND 24 AGAIN IN THE yellow "Master the BasicsBOOK * * *