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Adverbs (give more information about verbs)       副词


Examples of adverbs - here, today, fast, happily    


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We use some adverbs to describe how frequently (or how often) 经常 we do an activity.

These are called adverbs of frequency 频率副词 and include the following:    


Adverb of Frequency   Example Sentence  
100% of the time always 总是 always go to bed before 11 p.m.
around 90% of the time usually 通常 usually have cereal for breakfast.
around 80% of the time normally / generally 通常 normally go to the gym.
around 70% of the time often / frequently 经常 often surf the internet.
around 50% of the time sometimes 有时 sometimes forget my friends' birthdays.
around 30% of the time occasionally 偶尔 occasionally eat junk food.
around 10% of the time seldom 不常 seldom read the newspaper.
around 5% of the time hardly ever / rarely 很少 hardly ever drink soda.
0% never 决不 never swim in the ocean.