MLA Stylesheet: What Form for Citations?

Help with Citing


What You Can Do

You may be writing a research or term paper and your Professor has asked you to use MLA style citations. You may have heard of them or even used them but are a little hazy on the exact procedure. This guide connects you to step-by-step instructions for incorporating MLA style citations in to your paper. It's simple!

►  MLA Handbook  Comprehensive instructions for using MLA style citations from U. of Maryland.

►  MLA Style Center Telling it like it IS for writing style. Includes such spine tingling topics as "US or U.S.?" Very methodical approach to topics and questions about writing style.

►  Purdue OWL  Online Writing Lab, complete guide to MLA style citations

Please note, you do not have to use all of these websites. You may want to have a look at each of them because they have different approaches to the material, but each of them contain the same information.