ENGN.2060: Strength of Materials - Hansen

Technology used in this class:

BlackBoard Learn Enhanced class:

Each student should check the course website on a regular basis in order to obtain an updated syllabus, lecture notes, homeworks, grades, and links to the Echo360 Lecture Capture system.


Echo360 Lecture Capture:

The lectures will be captured using audiovisual recording equipment in the classroom. These clips are available almost immediately after the end of class. However, the recording occasionally becomes corrupted or is unavailable, so class attendance is recommended.


Brainshark Lectures:

The majority of information transfer in this class will occur via pre-recorded lectures available via a service called Brainshark. This will allow (1) for you, as the student, to absorb the information at your own pace; and (2) open class time for discussions and active participation in problem-solving. The lectures must be watched prior to the beginning of lecture in order for you to be properly prepared for class.


NXT Clickers by Turning Technologies: 

The use of clickers will be integrated into the course on an almost daily basis.  As discussed under “class participation”, the participation grad will be based on the use of clickers. The class will use the NXT Clicker by Turning Technologies. Instructions for registering your clicker will be provided via email from the instructor.


Note that the cost of a new NXT clicker device is $53.50 ($40.25 used). There is also a $15 rebate for previous purchases of QT devices. Visit http://clickers.wiki.uml.edu/Student+Resources for details on the rebate program.  You will need to use the NXT clicker in the Applied Strengths course next year and so are encouraged to consider this a long-term investment and to notsell the device back each semester.



Students will be restricted to calculator models listed at this link for calculators approved for the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam: http://ncees.org/exams/calculator-policy/. This calculator restriction will hold for other future classes, such as MECH 3110 Applied Strength of Materials.