ENGN.2060: Strength of Materials - Hansen

Tobin Bridge, Boston

In-Class Participation: Short-answer questions will be randomly assigned during class and the responses collected using NXT clickers. The two worst grades of in-class participation are eliminated. Therefore, attendance is REQUIRED for the class participation grade.  Students who fail to bring their clicker to a lecture will receive a score of zero for the questions presented during that lecture and will be marked as absent unless they approach the instructor before leaving the classroom to indicate they were present.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Clicker malfunctions must be brought to the attention of the instructor as soon as possible so that the source of the malfunction can be promptly identified and corrected.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of participation and attendance points. 

Please Note

Out-of-Class Participation: Out-of-class participation will be recorded via comprehension questions integrated into Brainshark pre-recorded lectures. The single worst score of out-of-class participation will be eliminated. Questions answered after the lecture start (as recorded by the Brainshark timestamp) will be given a zero score; hence, it is REQUIRED to watch the lectures prior to the start of lecture.


Homework: Homework will be assigned in class and be due at 9am (start of lecture) on the days indicated on the syllabus. Late homework will be docked by 20% for each day late, unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor.


Exams: Exams will be taken during the lecture hour, and a final exam will be given during finals week. Make-up exams will not be given, and all exam conflicts must be discussed with the instructor.