ENGN.2060: Strength of Materials - Hansen

Class Policies

Academic integrity:

All homework, exams, and projects are to represent students’ own original work.  Students are prohibited from infractions of academic integrity, which includes cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, facilitating dishonesty, or the dishonest use of instructional technology (e.g., using another person’s clicker).  Infractions will not be tolerated and will be reported the department chair to initiate a formal process. For more information, the university policy on academic integrity is available at:  http://www.uml.edu/Catalog/Undergraduate/Policies/Academic-Integrity.aspx


Academic or External problems: 

If you experience problems with the coursework or your classmates, if you anticipate being absent, or if there are external factors affecting your performance, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor as soon as possible.  I am willing to help, but I must know how I can assist and be given sufficient time to do so.